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ILEX Engineering Co Ltd. Established in 1950

Manufactured in Wellington, New Zealand

Ilex, manufacturers of controlled three or four arm rotary turnstiles, magnet-locking self closing security gates, optical turnstiles and full height revolving turnstiles for pedestrians. Turnstile controls include biometrics, card, coin, token, etc.. Sales in Australia, China, Oceana, etc.. Finishes in stainless steel, hot dip galvanising or powdercoating. Pedestrian access equipment manufacturers since 1965. Additional specification data on all products available on request.

Rex Brady - Managing Director
Ilex has been designing and manufacturing turnstiles since 1965 and it is our policy to produce high quality, safe and durable items which are efficient, require minimal maintenance (all bearings are self lubricating ) and are user-friendly. You can rely on our 36+ years experience. We can manufacture to suit your special requirements if they are not listed below.
Maintenance Instructions
Regular Maintenance Schedules (mechanical and electronic) for Ilex turnstiles There aren't any! Just gently dust the outside if required.

Agents required in Australia and elswhere

All units are professionally hand built to order by skilled tradesmen. No slave or child labour has been or will be used in our products manufacture